Experience Feedback

eTrusted is based on a simple yet powerful concept: experience feedback.

Experience feedback is given by customers in the context of a specific interaction with a service or a product. Customers typically submit their experience feedback at the moment the interaction takes place. However, when the experience entails more than the interaction itself, the feedback might be delayed. An experience may entail product usage, a purchase, visiting a store, etc.

Catching what customers really think about their interaction experience is crucial because customers form their opinion about organisations and brands when they interact with them.

Unlike feedback that may not be based on interaction, experience feedback is authentic since it carries the context data of the experience. This lets organisations act upon feedback and solve issues in real time.

Nowadays, customers are searching for reviews on the internet to make a purchase decision or to measure the trustworthiness of organisations. With eTrusted, experience feedback can be propagated to the internet via built-in interfaces with Google or other sites.

With eTrusted, experience feedback is triggered by an event at a touchpoint. eTrusted automates the process of sending out review invites and collecting experience feedback, thus creating a high volume of feedback for better insights. eTrusted creates a stream of feedback and reveals trends. It also shows the most important touchpoints, so that organisations can focus on them.