Channels define the communication between organisations and customer segments. For example, a channel can represent a retail shop, an online shop, an application, or separate different countries or language regions, i.e. anything that only reaches a certain group of customers.

You can get creative setting up your channels. What a channel can represent, is a part of what you want to model or implement.

Core Review

A Core Review is the combination of the star rating and the comment of a review.



An event always has an event type that represents the touchpoint where it was triggered along the customer journey. An event is triggered by an experience or transaction that occurs in the customer journey.

Event Type

An event type represents a touchpoint along your customer journey. Trusted Shops provides the standard event type checkout. However, any number of user-defined event types can be added, depending on your individual touchpoints.

Experience Feedback

Also: transactional feedback.

Experience feedback is feedback about products or services that is tied to an experience. An experience is part of your customer journey, such as the ordering process or the delivery.


Grade Aggregation

When eTrusted collects reviews, it also does some statistical evaluation. Grade aggregations are arithmetical averages of review ratings over certain timespans.



An invite is an invitation to leave a review that is sent manually or automatically from an eTrusted customer to their consumers.

Invite rules often determine the date and time the invite is sent. Invites contain a link to a questionnaire that the consumer may answer to leave a review.

Invites have different statuses. The status is part of invite objects returned by the invites GET endpoint:

Status Meaning
SCHEDULED The invite will be sent at a future point of time, determined by an invite rule.
CANCELED Sending out this invite has been canceled by the channel owner.
SENT The invite has been sent.
DELIVERED The invite has been successfully delivered.
NOT_DELIVERED The invite has been sent but it was not successfully delivered.
REJECTED The invite has been rejected by eTrusted.
OPENED The consumer has received the invite and opened it.
CLICKED The consumer has received the invite and clicked the link to the questionnaire.
REVIEW_WRITTEN The consumer has received the invite and answered the questionnaire successfully.
READY_FOR_RENDER The invite is ready to be rendered for template generation.

Invite statuses that result from an error or non-delivery also entail a reason:

Reason For Status Meaning
INVALID_TEMPLATE REJECTED No valid questionnaire template was found.
RENDERING_ERROR REJECTED The invite or questionnaire template could not be rendered.
INVALID_RECIPIENT_EMAIL NOT_DELIVERED The recipient email address does not exist.
TEMPORARY_RECIPIENT_ERROR NOT_DELIVERED There was a temporary error when delivering the invite.
REPORTED_AS_SPAM_SENDER NOT_DELIVERED The email account that sent the invite is blocked as spam.
REPORTED_AS_SPAM_RECIPIENT NOT_DELIVERED The recipient has reported eTrusted messages as spam.
REPORTED_AS_SPAM_CONTENT NOT_DELIVERED The invite message content has been reported as spam by an external system.
REPORTED_AS_SPAM_FREQUENCY NOT_DELIVERED Invites are being sent too frequently and are recognised as spam.
PROVIDER_ERROR NOT_DELIVERED An error has occurred at the eTrusted message provider.
DELAYED NOT_DELIVERED There was a delay and the invite will be delivered later.
RECIPIENT_UNSUBSCRIBED REJECTED The recipient has unsubscribed from Trusted Shops communication.
RECIPIENT_BLACKLISTED_PROVIDER NOT_DELIVERED The recipient has been blacklisted by the eTrusted email provider.
RECIPIENT_BLACKLISTED_ACCOUNT CANCELED The recipient has been blacklisted at account level.
RECIPIENT_BLACKLISTED_CHANNEL CANCELED The recipient has been blacklisted at channel level.
RECIPIENT_BLACKLISTED_EMAIL CANCELED The recipient email address has been blacklisted by Trusted Shops.
BLACKLISTED_DOMAIN CANCELED The recipient email address domain has been blacklisted by Trusted Shops.
DUPLICATE NOT_DELIVERED The Trusted Shops message provider blocked this invite because it is a duplicate of a previous one.
INVITE_SENDING_SUSPENDED_BY_EMPLOYEE CANCELED A Trusted Shops employee canceled the invite.
INVITE_SENDING_SUSPENDED_BY_CUSTOMER CANCELED The channel owner canceled the invite.
INTERNAL_ERROR NOT_DELIVERED The invite could not be delivered due to an internal error in eTrusted.



A review has a title, a comment and a star rating. Reviews are submitted by customers who received and invite to leave a review.

The combination of star rating and comment is also referred to as the Core Review. A review that is missing its star rating or comment or both is referred to as a statement.

In eTrusted, there are two types of reviews: product reviews and service reviews.

A product review is a review for a product that is uniquely identified by a product ID such as a GTIN.

A service review is a review for a service or a service provider, such as an online shop.

Customer reviews, as delivered by the Customer Reviews API, include both product and service reviews.

Customer reviews have a status (state).

The statuses (states) are:

Status Meaning
DRAFT The review has been written, but eTrusted rules rejected it.
SUBMITTED The review has been written and submitted.
APPROVED The review has been approved by eTrusted rules or the customer.
REPORTED The review has been reported by eTrusted rules or the customer and will be reviewed.
REAPPROVED The review has been reported, but eTrusted decided that it is a valid review.
REJECTED The reivew has been reported and eTrusted decided that the review should be removed.

You can filter the list of customer reviews returned by the GET call by status (state), however you cannot use DRAFT nor SUBMITTED.

For service reviews there is an aggregate API endpoint.

Both product and service reviews are types of experience feedback.



A statement is a review that is missing either the comment or the star rating or both. The use of statements is optional. Questionnaire templates can be configured to allow statements. Statements will not be considered for statistics such as the grade aggregation.



A touchpoint occurs along the customer journey and may potentially trigger an event in the eTrusted world. It is closely related to the event type, which is its technical representation used throughout our APIs.

Transactional Feedback

See experience feedback.