13 April 2022

  • You can now find the number completed reviews for a given period using multiple filters. You will however need to be whitelisted to access this API. You can find this under the review section of the API Documentation.

15 March 2022

  • You can now fetch a list of review items with just the essential properties per each item.

21 February 2022

  • We provided a glossary entry and examples for our DateTime format used across our APIs.

17 November 2021

  • Introduction of an FAQ section.

22 September 2021

26 June 2021

  • General refresh of the documentation UI and content.

15 April 2020

31 March 2020

  • Our API has been updated with proper CRUD for both invite rules and event types
  • Our article from Touchpoint to Invite has been updated with the new API calls. It is now possible to execute each step via API call, once you have an eTrusted account!

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