Connect to Zendesk

On this page:

  • Learn how to install the Trusted Shops app for Zendesk
  • Learn how to set up and establish the connection between your Trusted Shops account and Zendesk

You will need:

  • The Trusted Shops app for Zendesk which is available as a downloadable zip file
  • A token to authenticate

Your Trusted Shops reviews – now within Zendesk

If your organisation uses Zendesk to manage customers’ support requests and feedback, then there’s good news! Now you can integrate the Trusted Shops review system into your Zendesk environment.

Here’s how it works:

  • At first you determine which reviews you want to get notified about: All ratings or only those below three stars, for instance.
  • Once set up, our app will automatically create tickets for reviews matching your criteria and direct them to the responsible service team.
  • Right from within Zendesk you can react to reviews by publishing a response on your review profile.
  • In addition, reporting reviews that violate our terms and conditions is an easy task, too. With our app you will not only save time. You will also have just one system to use for support requests, feedback, and reviews. This way you will always keep the overview and won’t miss to react to a review again.

Get started now!


The first version of our app needs to be installed manually. At a later point it will be available for download in the Zendesk Marketplace.

  1. In Zendesk, go to the Admin section by clicking on the gear wheel (⚙️) at the bottom of the main navigation. Under Apps, click on Manage > Upload private app:

    Navigate to custom metadata types

  2. Enter a name for the app and click on Choose File. Select the zip file you have downloaded from us and press Upload:

    Navigate to custom metadata types

  3. Confirm the upload once again after reading about potential risks:

    Navigate to custom metadata types

  4. Once the app is uploaded to Zendesk you can see its details. Enter the token we sent you and press Install to complete the installation:

    Navigate to custom metadata types


  1. After installation you find the Trusted Shops App for Zendesk under Channels > Channel integrations within the Admin section. Click on the gear wheel (⚙️) at the right of the app entry and select Edit:

    Navigate to custom metadata types

  2. In the edit view switch to the Accounts tab and click on Add account:

    Navigate to custom metadata types

  3. Enter a name for your integration and once more the token we sent you. The name you enter will be shared with Trusted Shops and is used to identify your company. Press Connect to establish the connection to your Trusted Shops data.

    Navigate to custom metadata types

  4. In the next step you can see a list of all of your channels.

    1. Please select the channels you would like to manage from within Zendesk.
    2. Now select all the star ratings for which you want tickets to be created. Any selection is possible.

    If you would like to have different teams work on bad and good ratings, for example, or if you would like to differentiate between your channels, that is possible, too. To establish a workflow in which tickets are assigned to dedicated teams, please set up one account per use case. 1. Finally enter the number of reviews you would like to import from your eTrusted account. This number can be between 1 and 50. Tickets will be created accordingly. By importing at least one review you can test the function of the app instantly without having to wait for a new review to come in. 1. Click Save once everything is set up to your preferences.

    Navigate to custom metadata types


You have successfully set up your Trusted Shops App for Zendesk. Starting now tickets will be created for incoming reviews that match the criteria you configured.

Use the known Zendesk functions to manage your Trusted Shops review tickets and implement them into your established workflows.

For more information on how to use the app check out the section in our Helpcenter.