Who should use the APIs?

Most of the functionalities you will need and use are accessible from the eTrusted Control Center. However, sometimes, you need to programmatically perform these functions or connect your system to eTrusted. This is where APIs come in.

The eTrusted APIs provide you with programmatic access to many of the functionalities of the eTrusted platform.

How do I get an API key?

Your eTrusted API key functions like a literal key, in the sense that it opens up or grants you access to the platform's APIs. Visit the page Generating API Credentials to learn how to generate your API credentials.

How do I reach support?

Before reaching support, please double-check the Dev Center resources to be sure what you need is not available, including using the search bar. If you cannot find what you are looking for, visit our contact page to reach support. Please be as clear as possible with your request, as this helps our team better provide you with the needed support.

Do the APIs come with a rate limit?

There are no hard-set limits or throttles. However, abnormally high requests might trigger a review of your API use, and a rate limit will be set depending on the outcome.

How do I know when an API is updated?

One of the best ways to know when something changes with the APIs is to check the changelog.

Are there any SDKs for the API?

There are no SDKs available at the moment. However, each API example comes with sample code you can use.

Do questionnaire links expire?

Questionnaire links, once generated, do not expire. Meaning its intended users have time to fill them out.

Where can I find the list of all APIs?

The API Documentation tab has the complete list of all available APIs.

How can I send out requests in bulk (batch request)?

You should wrap up the request you would like to perform in a loop to perform them in bulk.

Where do I go if I have a question?

The Dev Centre provides a lot of information regarding the APIs, including a search bar to search through them. In case you are unable to find what you are looking for, you can contact our support team

What are some best practices for working with the API?

Here are a few things to consider when working with the APIs

  • Keep your API Credentials out of the public eye, i.e.: do not expose them through frontend code or public repositories.
  • Avoid carrying out API tests with client data.
  • Be prepared to handle all HTTP status code types returned by the APIs.
  • Apply proper pagination where possible. This will prevent querying for data you might not need.
  • When implementing an endpoint, it is also worth going over the API docs.

Which date formats do the APIs accept?

Most endpoints take dates as part of the request parameters. This follows the format yyyy-MM-dd. It is based on the ISO 8601 and RFC3339 standards.

How does pagination work with the APIs?

Visit the pagination guides to learn more about our API pagination

How do I know which Channel ID to use?

You can fetch the list of available channels using the channel endpoint.

How do I view reviews when working with the APIs?

You can use the get reviews endpoint to list out all reviews

How many questionnaires are there?

Check out the Templates & Questionnaires guide for the list of available questionnaires