What is eTrusted?

eTrusted is a cloud-based experience feedback platform operated by Trusted Shops.

eTrusted enables organizations and brands to capture feedback from customers regarding their experience with their products and services.
By sending event-triggered review invites to their customers, they are able to ask for relevant feedback on services and products at the right time and in the proper context.
eTrusted features allow for granular customizations of questionnaires and the crafting of logical paths that best suits your customers.

eTrusted can be connected to operational systems such as CRMs to gain actionable insights from the collected experience data.
eTrusted provides a set of widgets to display reviews and ratings on a website and can further be optimized for your website using the available APIs.
The built-in interfaces with Google and other sites make it easy to share authentic reviews to further reinforce trust on the internet.

eTrusted APIs

The eTrusted APIs are made available to enable you to expand the possibilities of your experience feedback process.

With the APIs, you will be able to control parts of the experience feedback programmatically. This includes but not limited to areas such as collection, analysis, reporting, etc.

The APIs are also created with modern standards in mind:

  • RESTful endpoints.
  • Predictable resource-oriented URLs.
  • Works well with form-encoded request bodies.
  • JSON-encoded responses.
  • Standard HTTP response codes.
  • OAuth2 for authentication.

What next?

You can get started with the eTrusted APIs by getting your API credentials

What’s Next